(A Complete Solution to Civil Engineering Estimation Works)
        The Application Software “Newgen Estimator” is for preparation of estimates for all types of civil Engineering works. The prime focus of this software is to automate the whole estimation process by its dynamic programming and user friendly features in addition to minimizing the estimation preparation time and to prepare it more accurately. Surveys and study founds this software minimizes the preparation time by 80% and error handling to almost we cover the whole rate analysis part according to the data book (analysis of rates & Schedule of rates published by Govt Dept) of different agencies.
Features include
  • It covers all most all-possible items of works (more than 750 items) in different sector of civil engineering such as Building, Road & Irrigation works.
  • It includes all items covered in the books, ‘ Analysis of Rates ‘ & ‘Schedule of Rates’ published by Works department, Govt. of Orissa (& other such as MOST,RailwayNHAI in different Versions) with their accurate & thorough analysis including their variations under different conditions as stipulated there-in & special notifications from time to time.
    Estimates can be prepared as per users’ varying requirement based on current Govt. schedule of rates, prevailing market rates and their combinations, if any.

  • All variations in term of different site conditions such as lead & lift, working condition and choice of different types of construction materials & their grade can be incorporated in the analysis of estimates with utmost accuracy & simplicity.

  • Automatic generation of various required reports on estimates in decent presentable layout such as, Lead statement, Lead analysis, Analysis of rates and Abstract of cost & quantity estimates makes the task of an Engineer easier & comfortable one.

  • Auto-generation of Tender schedule, Man-days statement, Sales tax & royalty statement, and Material statement are the unique additional features of this software.

  • Although all cost related aspects while preparing estimate have been supported directly with the features of auto–generation of reports, indirect support of software embedded system has been provided for the volumes of work involved in estimates.

  • Framing of estimates with the help of this users’ friendly application software increases the efficiency of modern Civil engineers with greatest accuracy and saves considerable time & energy.

  • Other embedded features such as appending the Drawing sheet, Design sheet, Front page and Preface report makes the software inevitable in managing the task of a busy Civil engineer in the present revolutionary IT environment.

  • This application software having multi-level user facility such as Administrator and Estimator makes data more secured, robust & tamper- proofed.
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