Section Manager Irrigation
(A Complete Solution to your Irrigation Works Calculation)
        This version named as Newgen Section Manager Irrigation now available in three modes specially customized for below listed projects with respective features.

Newgen Section Manager Irrigation (TS Enabled 6.0)

Features include
  • This software is basically meant for calculation of Earthwork quantity through sectional diagrams.
  • Section Diagram and Earth work calculation can be generated from Manual Survey Data as well as highly sophisticated Total Station Machines Raw Data.
  • RL Calculation can be prepared from Survey data for Bed level / Existing level & for Formation level/design level separately or both.
  • Longitudinal section and cross sections can be designed, drawn and viewed with various options either directly from Survey or RL input data.
  • Volume calculation, Turfing Area calculation, Thickness table & toe point table can be generated simultaneously on click of a single button.
  • The software has dedicated different module for design of Canal section, River- bed.
  • All the diagrams along with calculations can be transformed in to the third party software like Auto-Cad 2004, Adobe's acrobat Reader.
  • Canals can be designed from the LS of NSL data.
  • The software provides LS lines for new construction of canal.
  • Design and calculation of field profile in case of reservoirs.
  • Separate quantity calculations for different soil layers. Such as DI, Hard Soil, AKS etc. the no. of layers can be set up by users as per his requirement.
  • Diagram and calculation in same page though the case of partial cutting and filling.
  • Compaction and settlement of soil quantity.
  • Provision for calculation of striping quantity along with the different layers in CS diagram.
  • Provision of Hydraulic Gradient line in same diagram.
  • In cross-section designs one can design both the profile and usual initial and final with various required design parameter for a range of sections or for the whole projects. Here one can not only design the canal/river bank but also able to design the required drain also.
  • Separate dedicate berms and drain design section is also available along with the provision of multiple berms and if berms appear at the embankments.
  • Facility like centre shift, updated level book printing is also available.
  • Diagrams are to the scale and are printable in the customized A3/A4 or legal size set up. Otherwise transformation of diagram to Auto Cad format is also available.
  • where as reports are available in A4/legal formats as usual reports on Survey Data, RL Data, Toe-Point, Thickness table, Turfing Area (Toe RL difference with respect to Centre(NSL), Toe RL difference with respect to Centre (FL)), area calculation sheet are available and printable in execution of a single command.
  • Excellent provision of data back-up and recovery enables users to protect data from data loss.
  • Provision of Dongle key is not only protect the data from being pirated but also give the users the freedom of being attached to a single work station and location.
  • There is a provision for checking print out at final level by superimposing the drawings for a range of sections.
  • Provision of drain, Customised for both side specifically.
  • Facility to interchange the layers RL incase of mistaken entry.
  • Excellent cross check facility available both for diagrammatic and numeric.
  • Apart from above these it has all the facilities and benefits of working on a GUI based interface.
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