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Privacy Policy
Newgen Engineers, Inc. is concerned with the privacy of all visitors of Newgenengineers.in. We acknowledge the value and importance of protecting any personally identifiable information that you may choose to share with us and pledge to keep it secure. Personal information is only acquired in the event that the visitor provides us with such. Any and all information will be kept in the absolute strictest of confidence. This privacy policy is applicable only to Newgen Engineers, Inc. Newgen Engineers, Inc. has taken all appropriate measures to protect and secure any and all personal information. We do not, however, retain any regulatory control or authorization pertaining to any other websites in which we may have been referenced, nor do we have any form of management over any possible links to and from our site. As such, Newgen Engineers, Inc. claims no responsibility for any unauthorized use of personal information occurring outside the designated web space occupied by Newgenengineers.in.

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Terms of Use
1. Acceptance of Terms
Any visitor of Newgenengineers.in agrees to and hereby acknowledges the following: • Any information viewed by the visitor is the property of Newgen Engineers, Inc. and may not be reproduced, distributed or used in conjunction with any other business establishment. • Unauthorized use of any text or graphics from this website for commercial or public distribution may be punishable by law. • Failure to comply with the preceding regulations will be considered a breech in copyright law and any said visitor will be punished to the fullest extent of the law.
2. Your Obligations
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