Newgen Section Manger Rail 7.0
(A Complete Solution to your Railway Works Calculation)

              SectionManager Rail 7.0 is the railways variant of Newgen SectionManager Group application software, customized to cater the needs of the engineers and consultant working on railway projects. Apart from all basic common features it has some specialized features which enable users to design, estimate and calculate the quantity of volume in a project accurately and efficiently in minimum possible times. The features that enrich this program to be a user friendly and successful can be enlisted as follows.

Features include
  • This software is basically meant for calculation of Earthwork quantity through sectional diagrams.
  • Survey-data can be directly incorporated into the software through downloadable files of survey machines. Total station machines made of Nikon, Sokia, and Kolida are compactable.
  • Manual methods survey data can be fed in to the system for the subsequent purposes.
  • RL from survey data can be prepared.
  • Provision of comments in the input form facilitating the mapping of various features and comments such as new or proposed centre, existing centre, starting point of embankment , formation edge or inserted points which system generates by interpolation not available or entered manually
  • Compatibility with third party software Like Auto CAD, Adobe Acrobat writer, Ms Excel
  • Provision of import of data from remote station.
  • Multiple layers survey data can be entered and generated for subsequent calculation of volume in a project.
  • Provision of alignment drawing through compass survey data.
  • In the LS design part user can design multiple layers for a range of sections of LS in single commands such as for initial and inter1, for inter1 and final layers. By using different parameters such as constant gradient, constant thickness, and constant level in general. While users go for particular methods subsequent detail parameters are there in force. Helpful in part billing process
  • Customized details of volume report.
  • In the CS Design section, facility of track design along with the drain and berm with various embankment slope combinations.
  • Provision of customized left and right side berm design along with relevant embankment slope.
  • For output user has the option of various CS diagram such as Full page layout, profile diagram, combinations for filling layers, combination of Cutting layers and all crust layers.
  • Similarly for LS diagram one can print the Centre Line or Toe Line drawings.
  • Alignment can be generated and printed in CAD Platform.
  • Reports on Toe- points.
  • Diagrams with all crust layers and detailed calculations.
  • Final output in A0/A1/A2/ A3/A4/legal paper as per the requirements.
  • Discontinue option enables users not to calculate the quantity of a particular range of data while not altering the original data or alignment.
  • Updated printable level book and survey book.
  • A problem static report for troubleshooting if any. In addition to superimposing the range of CS diagram in order to find out the odd section if any for minimize the data entry error.
  • Excellent provision of data back-up and recovery enables users to protect data from data loss.
  • One can generate the desired set of data by splitting the existing data by interpolation of data.
  • Provision of trimming offset to get rid of unessential or desired set of data.
  • Provision of centre marking for combination of level data.
  • Dedicate Embankment Slope button helps user to defined various embankment slope for various ridge and sides for a range of data.
  • Single Command available to sort and order the chainage data for a range of section or as whole.
  • Single command enable users to get the profile area and a dedicate reports available separately both for profile area and a comparison statement between profile and execution quantity.
  • Provision for addition and Deletion of toes to a range of chainage or to the project as a whole with a click.
  • Apart from above these, it has all the facilities and benefits of working on a GUI based interactive interface
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