Newgen Evaluator OMR
(A Complete Solution to your OMR Sheet calculations)
        NewgenEvaluator OMR is a leading Windows based forms-processing software package for surveys and tests. The software recognizes optical marks (bubbles and checkboxes), machine-generated characters (OCR) and barcodes. User can design his/her own forms using any word processor and print them on his/her printer. Then use NewgenEvaluator OMR to scan and recognize data with the image scanner and analyze the data or export the data to the application of user’s choice. Features of NewgenEvaluator OMR (OMR Sheet calculations)
  • Customization of OMR sheet (One can choose the design of OMR Sheets according to the requirement from the designed OMR Sheet database).
  • Can be scanned in the ordinary scanner. Hence no need to go for the high definition costly scanner.
  • Minimum response time helps its user to process the evaluation process faster.
  • Prepare the results with rank wise reports.
  • Results can be directly published in a customized report format, user can choose and omits information column according to the requirements.
  • No requirement of special pencil or marker normal pencil with usual intensity can do the justice.
  • Results can be web enabled in few clicks.
  • OMR sheets can be printable and designed in normal word processor or PDF format.
  • Built in quick analysis can helps you to break data by demographic establish bench mark and prepare comprehensive reports on the exams/surveys.
NewgenEvaluator OMR works on following modules
Creating Forms
Forms processed with NewgenEvaluator OMR can be created using any word processor or survey design package. Forms can be printed on a laser printer, photocopied, or sent out to your local / networked printer. So it gives the user the flexibility to create its own forms, apart from it users has the liberty to create and duplicate as many as per the need.
Training NewgenEvaluator OMR to Read the customized Form
NewgenEvaluator OMR is unique in that forms do not require any registration marks or drop-out inks (special printing). Because of this, user has complete flexibility over how the form is set up and where the marks are located. In order for NewgenEvaluator OMR to read a form, users go through a simple "training" process to show the software how to read the form. The result is a template file that can be used over and over to process forms. Training is accomplished with the NewgenEvaluator OMR Template Editor. It is a simple procedure where user scans a form, the software displays the image of the form, and with the mouse user drags "boxes" around the areas of marks and fills in some information about these areas (defines what each mark should translate into if filled in). The training session typically takes a few minutes per page.
Scanning Forms
The NewgenEvaluator OMR software works with an image scanner to scan and process your survey or test forms NewgenEvaluator OMR can read OMR areas, OCR areas of machine-generated text and barcode information from your forms. Handwritten areas cannot be read by the software but can be captured as image fields for later key entry or viewing by an operator. Built-in exception handling easily locates and allows you to correct or verify any erroneously marked forms (i.e.- a person fills in two marks for a question, or fails to answer a question).
Data Export
Once the forms have been scanned and processed the software can save the data to over 30 different output formats for use with popular analysis package (such as Access, SQL Server, Excel ).. NewgenEvaluator OMR can even save your data to an HTML format for publishing on the Internet or to an Intranet. Or, save your data in Newgen office OMR's own format and take advantage of the software's built-in analytical tools.
Data Analysis
NewgenEvaluator OMR allows users to tabulate surveys or grade tests with the click of a button. For a survey, user can runs reports such as an item analysis, item statistics or cross tabs to view the results. If user administers tests, the software can automatically grade them. For a test, user can specify an answer key, grade scale, learning objectives, benchmark scores and other options, and then the software can grade the test and produce statistics and graphs representing the item analysis, frequency distribution, student scores and several other test statistics. NewgenEvaluator OMR also produces a grade report for each student that can be printed and handed back to the student.