Section Manager Roads
(A Complete Solution to your Earth Works Calculation)
        This version named as Newgen Section Manager Roads now available in three modes specially customized for below listed projects with respective features.

PMGSY & Other Rural Roads. (Without Total Station (TS) Enabled.)

Features include
  • Manual methods survey data (Auto Level Field Data) can be fed into the system for the subsequent purposes.
  • LS can be designed with various parameters. Such as with constant thickness, constant gradient and constant level with respective parameters such as value ,percentage and level for a range of sections or for a whole projects in a single command. The design parameters can be altered as per the requirement with detail diagrams and subsequent roll back can also be possible for number of times with a single command button execution.
  • RL from survey data can be prepared.
  • Cross- Sectional section can be designed with various parameters in force such as camber slope carriage width slope, shoulder’s slope, if it is an up-gradation road then with cutting depth and width.
  • Ls design is possible between initial and final level, with crust quantity can be calculated separately.
  • Volume calculation for different crust layers individually and in a combined format
  • Volume calculation for the whole project or for a range of cross section with out disturbing the LS of the road.
  • Longitudinal and cross- sectional diagram can be drawn on graph sheets.
  • Volume calculation, Turfing Area can be calculated by a single button.
  • In an exclusive report format, separate area calculation sheet can be generated.
  • Reports on Toe- points.
  • A separate report on Turfing Area in a tabular format and that to with respect to different layer.
  • Profile designing is possible and subsequent calculation can be performed.
  • Generation of level Book based on the RL.
  • Decimal digit round up facilities is there.
  • Least count adjusts facility according to the requirements. for RL, Offset, and volume
  • Facility to change the datum, scale of CS & LS diagram.
  • Facility to mark culvert, bridge, CC road etc.
  • Option available to print the output drawings in A4/legal/A3 size paper.
  • Updated printable level book and survey book.
  • A problem static report for troubleshooting if any.
  • Excellent provision of data back-up and recovery enables users to protect data from data loss.
  • Cross check facility of diagrams to detect the error if any at the final stage
  • Consume minimum time along with excellent data editor for data input.
  • Apart from above these, it has all the facilities and benefits of working on a GUI based interactive interface.
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