(A Complete Solution to Civil Engineering Rural Estimation Works)
        The Newgen Rural Estimator a specially customized application software developed to cater the needs of the rural engineering works, it not only give a complete rate analysis part but also perform the quantity analysis for ponds, rural roads ,open well excavation etc. the software can perform the following functions.
  • Planning
  • Designing
  • Drawing
  • Estimation (Both quantity analysis & Rate analysis)
  • BOQ
The main features of this software are :
  • it covers all most all-possible items of works both scheduled & non scheduled (more than 750 scheduled items) in different sector of civil engineering such as Building, Road & Irrigation works.
  • It includes all items covered in the books, ‘Analysis of Rates ‘& ‘Schedule of Rates’ published by Works department, Govt. of Odisha. With their accurate & thorough analysis including their variations under different conditions as stipulated there-in & special notifications from time to time. Provision to prepare estimates on the basis of NREGS guidelines also.
  • Estimates can be prepared as per users’ varying requirement based on current Govt. schedule of rates, prevailing market rates and their combinations, if any, NREGS rate.
  • Estimates can be prepared in either case by including or excluding overhead charges. Similarly sundries can be based on basic cost or on the finished cost of materials.
  • Estimates can be prepared by taking actual lead, conveyance in required condition as well as based on previous locations.
  • All variations in term of different site conditions such as lead & lift, working condition and choice of different types of construction materials & their grade can be incorporated in the analysis of estimates with utmost accuracy & simplicity. Even provision of restricted area such as jail premises has taken care of.
  • One can prepare estimates on the basis of sanctioned funds, approved designs or sanctioned volumes.
  • Specially customized to prepare estimates of rural road (Both Concrete & BT roads), ponds, open wells & buildings.
  • User has the liberty to prepare plan, design the work, print out the drawings, prepare the estimates, BOQ, and Lead statements, Man-days statements, sales tax and royalty statement & Material statement in click of a button.
  • One can design the model project reports and preface for final submission, in other words user can find it as one stop solution for total DPR documentation.
  • Automatic generation of various required reports on estimates in decent presentable layout such as, Lead statement, Lead analysis, Analysis of rates and Abstract of cost & quantity estimates makes the task of an Engineer easier & comfortable one.
  • Auto-generation of Tender schedule, Man-days statement, Sales tax & royalty statement, and Material statement are the unique additional features of this software.
  • Framing of estimates with the help of this users’ friendly application software increases the efficiency of modern Civil engineers with greatest accuracy and saves considerable time & energy.
  • This application software having multi-level user facility such as Administrator and Estimator makes data more secured, robust & tamper- proofed.
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